yolandaThe Enhancing Coastal Communities’ Recovery and Resiliency from Disaster through Seaweeds Farming Project is a one-year projetc (February 2015 to January 2016) implemented by the Partnership for Development Assistance in the Philippines Inc. (PDAP) in partnership with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) International, Philippines through its Serving Affected Families Effectively (SAFE) program. The project sought to revive the seaweeds industry in Marabut, Western Samar by increasing production through a) provision of production inputs; b) provision of technical assistance through direct coaching and mentoring and on-site technical advisories; and, c) expansion of production areas to cover the four (4) barangays (i.e. Logero, Binocyahan, Pinalangga and Amambucale) in the municipality of Marabut that passed the water sampling and where OMF-SAFE has an on-going rehabilitation project.

End-of-project Report

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