The Partnership for Development Assistance in the Philippines Inc. – PDAP participated in the USAID Communications Partners’ Workshop facilitated by the USAID Philippines – Development Outreach and Communications (DOC) Team on July 12, 2023 at the Diamond Hotel, Manila. The one-day workshop highlighted USAID’s communications priorities, key messaging and the role played by Implementing Partners’ (IP) Communications in-charge in helping shape and tell the stories of the agency’s work, and the impacts created by USAID’s development efforts in the Philippines. Through the presentations and series of exercises on writing, social media engagement, photography, events and site visits, and USAID branding and marking, the IP representatives were able to learn, process, and exchange ideas on how to effectively share stories to their intended audiences. As emphasized during the workshop, this kind of collaborative learning and engagement among partners is crucial in furthering the agency’s development goals.